About this Site

Over the years, we have gathered a wide range of examples, references, and information on the relationship between the semantic web and user interaction. This site exists to provide those links and references in one convenient place.

It's about Context

We've been applying context layers to applications we've built since the late 1980s - and it's always been hard to do. The Semantic Web Recommendations and supporting infrastructures begin to give us standard, reusable tools and formats that everyone can use. We believe that the best way for those capabilities to improve design is to provide information about:

  • What could be possible
  • What imaginitive people are doing now

Using Context Effectively to Improve UX is about Design

Applying context into Web applications and sites is a thoughtful process. Interaction design and HCI disciplines have been refining the techniques, tools, and insights. This site highlights the good work that is being done, explains how things can be different than they are today, and encourages exploration.

Share Your Good Work

We know that there is much more we haven't seen, so we ask you to let us know if there is something that should be referenced from this site. We're always looking for new examples, demos, use cases, and ideas to add to the resources available to the community. If you have something to share, contact us.